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Sign Up Now for February’s Bridge the Gap CLE Lecture

On February 25, 2017 the Marino Institute for Continuing Legal Education will be hosting our February Bridge the Gap CLE lecture event. Sign up now to receive 9 live CLE credits (6.0 Skills + 3.0 Ethics) and receive a 7.0 CLE credit online package (7.0 Professional Practice). For more information, click here!


Register here to take care of all your 24 mandatory CLE credits this Saturday, December 5 at John Jay College in New York City – you get a day full of our informative live lectures worth 12 credits, plus a FREE 12 credit online bundle. GREAT NEWS: Our Cyber Monday sale has been extended, so […]

Attention New Jersey Attorneys: Your CLE Deadline is December 31st

To help you stay in compliance, the Marino Institute for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is offering two 12 credit live lectures that come with a FREE 12 credit online bundle to help satisfy all 24 CLE credits New Jersey attorneys need.   To learn more about our programs, click below: December 5 CLE lecture in […]

Bridge the Gap Lecture This Weekend – November 7 & 8, 2015

There are still limited seats left for this weekend’s Bridge the Gap CLE lectures at John Jay College in NYC. Each day counts for 8 credits of New York and New Jersey CLE. New York attorneys can take the entire weekend to earn the entire annual CLE requirement, while New Jersey attorneys can earn all […]

Bridge the Gap CLE: What Is It?

With the New York 2015 July Bar Exam results being released this week, New York is welcoming thousands of new attorneys to the profession. While the bar exam marks the end of your law school experience, learning never stops for attorneys. Continuing Legal Education (CLE) is mandatory for all New York attorneys. Newly admitted New […]

Harvard Creating Free Case Law Library

Watch out Lexis and West Law! According to the New York Times, Harvard is creating a free, online library of American case law. “Improving access to justice is a priority,” said Martha Minow, dean of Harvard Law School, explaining why Harvard has embarked on the project. “We feel an obligation and an opportunity here to […]

Announcing our December 12th, 2015 12 Credit Live Lecture (Plus FREE 12 Credit Online Program Bundle) in Newark, New Jersey

Attention New Jersey attorneys born between January 1 and June 30th: Your New Jersey CLE deadline is December 31st, 2015. Before the end of the year, you must complete 24 CLE credits with 12 of those credits having to be completed through a live lecture. And if you were admitted in 2014, 15 of those […]

Ask the Professor: Why Do We Need CLE?

One of the more annoying discoveries a fresh law graduate makes (other than the reality of the legal job market) is that they now have to take even more schooling each year in the form of continuing legal education (“CLE”). In most jurisdictions, once admitted to the bar, lawyers need to complete a minimum number […]