Oklahoma MCLE Requirements

Oklahoma MCLE

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Oklahoma MCLE Requirements

Is CLE Mandatory in Oklahoma? Oklahoma requires all of its attorneys to complete 12 hours of Mandatory Continuing Legal Education annually. More details are provided on this webpage.

What specific subject matters are required in Oklahoma?

  • 12 CLE hours are required
  • One of these hours must consist of ethics training.

How many self-study CLE credits will satisfy Oklahoma MCLE requirements? Oklahoma attorneys may use online courses to satisfy all 12 hours of their annual MCLE requirement.

Does Oklahoma Have Live CLE Requirements? Oklahoma does not require any live MCLE credit hours. All of your MCLE hours can be distance learning, anywhere you have a computer with an internet connection. 

Is a Marino CLE bundle available for Oklahoma? In the future, Marino plans to offer Continuing Legal Education courses for Oklahoma so that you can get your MCLE hours quickly and conveniently from wherever you are.

Is the CLE provider responsible for verifying my participation? Oklahoma does not have a self-reporting option. Marino’s prerecorded videos contain randomly embedded codes to submit for verification. Your CLE provider will submit your name and State Bar number to verify your MCLE attendance.

What special CLE requirements are newly admitted attorneys held to? New attorneys are exempt from MCLE requirements in the calendar year they are admitted to practice law in Oklahoma. Bookmark this page and come back next year for a convenient way to satisfy your new MCLE requirements.

Does Oklahoma require attorneys to self-report their MCLE attendance? Oklahoma does not require attorneys to self-report their MCLE attendance. They rely on sponsor verification of attendance. Marino will work with the Oklahoma Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission to verify your attendance.

What is the new MCLE guidance for Oklahoma? Beginning in the 2019 compliance year, there will no longer be a cap on the number of online credits Oklahoma will accept for MCLE credit. Oklahoma attorneys may use Marino courses to satisfy all of the MCLE requirements.

Link: Oklahoma MCLE Rules

What is the certification cycle length? Annual

Oklahoma CLE reporting deadline: February 14th

Oklahoma CLE compliance deadlines: December 31st

State Contact Info:

Oklahoma Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Commission
1901 N. Lincoln Blvd.
P.O. Box 53036
Oklahoma City, OK 73152
Email: mcle@okbar.org
Phone: 405-416-7009