Texas MCLE Requirements

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Texas MCLE Requirements

Is MCLE Mandatory in Texas? Yes, Texas does require continuing legal education credits. 

What specific subject matters are required in Texas?

  • Total of 15 MCLE credit hours required every year
  • Of these, three hours of MCLE credit must be taken in Professional Responsibility and/or Legal Ethics

How many Marino Self-study CLE credits will satisfy Texas MCLE requirements? Texas allows attorneys to obtain three of their MCLE credits annually through Marino’s self-study program.

Is a Marino CLE bundle available for Texas? In the near future, Marino plans to offer Continuing Legal Education requirements so that Texas attorneys may satisfy their licensure requirements conveniently on their own schedules. Check back soon for more details.

What special MCLE requirements are newly admitted attorneys held to? Newly admitted Texas attorneys begin their MCLE compliance period the year following admission beginning the month of their birth date. In any event, new attorneys must complete all of their MCLE requirements within 24 months of admission. New attorneys are also required to complete “A Guide to the Basics of Law Practice” in addition to their MCLE hours requirements.

Is Marino responsible for verifying my participation? Marino will be responsible for submitting attorneys’ MCLE participation for the compliance year. However, keep in mind that MCLE sponsors are not responsible for submitting by every individual attorney’s reporting deadline since that deadline is determined by each attorneys’ birth month.

Does Texas require attorneys to self-report their MCLE attendance? Texas requires attorneys to self-report their MCLE attendance to Marino, the MCLE sponsor. To do so, either sign an electronic transfer list or submit your attendance to the Texas MCLE Internet Reporting Website.

What is the certification cycle length? Annual

Texas MCLE reporting deadlines: The last day of the attorney’s birth month

Texas MCLE compliance deadlines: The compliance year begins on the first day of the lawyer’s birth month. An automatic grace period will be given up to the last day of their birth month to meet the lawyers’ MCLE requirements.

State Contact Info:

Texas Law Center
1414 Colorado Street
Austin, Texas 78701
Main phone: 512.427.1463
Toll free: 800.204.2222

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