Louisiana MCLE Requirements

Louisiana MCLE

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Louisiana MCLE Requirements

Is MCLE Mandatory in Louisiana? Louisiana requires 12.5 MCLE hours per year for attorneys admitted to practice in the state. Further details about Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Requirements are detailed on this website.

What specific subject matters are required in Louisiana? Of the 12.5 required MCLE hours, at least one hour must cover legal ethics and at least one hour must cover professionalism.

How many self-study CLE credits will satisfy Louisiana MCLE requirements? You may use online courses to satisfy up to four hours of your MCLE credit in Louisiana. These courses must be preapproved with the Louisiana State Bar Association.

Does Louisiana have live a CLE requirement? There is no live instruction requirement for Louisiana.

Is a Marino CLE bundle available for Louisiana? In the future, Marino plans to offer Mandatory Continuing Legal Education courses for Louisiana so that you can get your MCLE hours quickly and conveniently from wherever you are.

Is the MCLE provider responsible for verifying my participation? Verification of MCLE hours is the responsibility of the sponsor of the course. The MCLE provider will be responsible for submitting your CLE hours to the bar association.

What special MCLE requirements are newly admitted attorneys held to? Newly admitted attorneys must complete 12.5 MCLE hours during the year of their admission, through the next calendar year. Eight of these hours must cover legal ethics, professionalism, and law office management.

Does Louisiana require attorneys to self-report their MCLE attendance? Louisiana requires the sponsor of the course to report MCLE attendance. Your educational provider will verify your attendance and report this to the Louisiana Bar Association.

What is the certification cycle length? Annual

Louisiana MCLE reporting deadline: January 31st

Louisiana MCLE compliance deadlines: December 31st

State Contact Info:

Louisiana State Bar Association
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Department
601 St. Charles Ave.
New Orleans, LA 70130
Email: mindi.hunter@lsba.org
Phone: 800-421-5722

Link: Louisiana Continiuing Legal Education Rules (site available only from US IP addresses)