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Richard Rosenthal – Experience General Counsel The Lexus Project, Legal Defense for Dogs 2010 – Present (5 years)N.Y. Litigating animal rights cases throughout the US Creator of “Cody” trust standing to allow dogs unfairly facing execution to appear by their own counsel. THE LEXUS PROJECT VS. CITY OF HENDERSON THE LEXUS PROJECT VS. CITY OF HENDERSON CP-S/MEL, AGI, IGI, Wings Rep. Aviator 1998 – Present (17 years)NY Commercially rated pilot singe and multi engine, Advanced Ground Instructor, Instrument Ground Instructor, Volunteer Rescue Pilot for Pilots & Paws FAA recognizes Richard Bruce Rosenthal FAA recognizes Richard Bruce Rosenthal Animal Law Advocate and Attorney Richard Bruce Rosenthal, Esq. – The Dog Lawyer 1979 – Present (36 years) Richard Bruce Rosenthal, Esq. – Columbia College 1975, Brooklyn Law 1978, Admitted NYS, EDNY, SDNY, CDIL, COD Private General Litigation Practice with a concentration in Animal Rights. Criminal Defense and Consumer Advocacy 1979 – present. After 30 years of practice I found my calling and rediscovered my passion for the law in 2009 when confronted with the imminent execution of a Greyhound named Lexus for doing what she had been bred for thousands of years to do. After saving her life, we started receiving calls from greyhound rescue groups all over the country asking for my advice and assistance on similar matters. Recognizing the need for this type of resource The Lexus Project was created. In 2011 after stepping in to save a Siberian husky facing death in Tolland, Ct. for killing chickens that drew some intense media coverage we realized that no dog was safe unless all were and redefined our mission to include defense for all breeds of dogs unjustly imprisoned or facing execution. Civil Rights for Dogs – Defining a new paradigm The world of animal law is changing rapidly as is the way the law views companion animals. Dogs today are able to be protected by orders of protection, they can be the beneficiaries of trusts, be represented by counsel and more and more Courts are beginning to acknowledge the right to emotional damages for harming them. Unfortunately, dogs occasionally cause injuries to people and other animals, the penalty for which is often death (even when the law says they are innocent). Guest Lecturer in Animal Law Marino Legal CLE October 2013 – September 2014 (1 year)NYC Volunteer Experience & Causes General Counsel The Lexus Project October 2009Animal Welfare The Lexus Project is a New York Not For Profit Corporation existing to help any dog who is facing death or incarceration as a vicious/dangerous dog. To defend all breeds of dogs wrongly accused of being vicious/dangerous, giving a voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. Richard Bruce Rosenthal, Esq. – Columbia College 1975, Brooklyn Law 1978, Admitted NYS, EDNY, SDNY, CDIL, NDOH, WDWI,…more Causes Richard Bruce cares about: Animal Welfare Civil Rights and Social Action Human Rights Organizations Richard Bruce supports: The Lexus Project