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I commenced my legal career in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office where I acquired the trial proficiency necessary to become an accomplished trial attorney. After leaving the D.A.’s office for private practice, I spent the next seven years representing business executives, actors and film producers in litigation and business law. Thereafter, I started an investment fund that pioneered program trading. After several highly successful years, I was recruited to manage my trading program for Shearson American Express.

I spent seven years working in the investment community where, much to my dismay, I witnessed far too many acts of incompetence, fraud and just plain hucksterism. Disturbed with the unethical behavior around me, I quit my position as a Vice President of Investments and wrote my first book “Investor Beware”. My aim was to help investors understand how the brokerage community functioned so they could protect themselves from Wall Street’s dirty tricks.

Millions of investors have been defrauded by investment companies, losing billions of dollars. Often, investors don’t even know that they have been “ripped off.” Broken promises and incompetent investment advice can subject brokerages to liability for “unsuitable recommendations”. Finding the right attorney to help investors recover lost funds is not an easy task. Too many inexperienced lawyers have flocked to the securities arbitration arena in hopes of getting rich by making quick and cheap settlements. My firm specializes in only one area – securities arbitration. And my background coupled with my trial expertise differentiates me from the rest of the legal crowd. I have won over $100,000,000 for my clients. I am dedicated to achieving successful results for my clients by focused attention to detail, a thorough knowledge of the investment world and highly proficient trial expertise.