Criminal Law Bundle – Introduction to Federal Criminal Defense for the State Court Practitioner - 95112, 95111, 95110, 95083, 95105, 95106, 95107, 95108, 95109,

In this newly added 2023 criminal law bundle, all the courses are designed and taught by only the most experienced criminal defense practitioners. For criminal law attorneys unfamiliar with the details of federal criminal practice or just those interested in this field of law, this bundle will introduce statutes, case law, procedures, helpful practice tips, and cautionary tales of federal criminal court to the state court practitioner.

Date: Online

Credits: 16.5



Courses included in the bundle:

  1. The Pre-Arrest Federal Investigation
  2. The Arrest and Presentment in Federal Court
  3. Representing a Detained Federal Defendant
  4. Federal Discovery, Motions, and Pre-Trial Hearings
  5. Federal Pre-Trial Dispositions – Guilty Pleas
  6. Federal Pre-Trial Dispositions – Cooperation
  7. The Federal Criminal Trial
  8. Federal Sentencing
  9. Federal Post-Conviction Motions and Appeals

New York CLE Credits: 16.5 Professional Practice Credits

  • This is an online bundle. Internet connection is required. However, our programs are designed to work on any device or operating system.
  • You will receive a certificate for each individual course upon completion of that course. There is no need to do all courses in one session.
  • The courses do not have an expiration date. You can watch them at your pace and leisure. If you already have earned some credits in this reporting period, you can save any of the unwatched CLE Courses from this bundle CLE for your next reporting period. If we produce a newer version of one of the courses in the bundle, we will replace the course in the bundle with the updated lecture.