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William Petrillo

William Petrillo, a member of the New York Bar since 1995, limits his practice exclusively to the defense of criminal cases. He defends cases in state and federal Court, ranging from minor crimes to the most serious and complex offenses. Many of Mr. Petrillo’s cases have been publicized by every major television network and newspaper, […]

Patrick Joyce

Patrick Joyce, a former adjunct Professor of Law at Fordham University, has prepared cases for the United States Supreme Court, argued in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals, and litigated in the First and Second Department Appellate Divisions of the New York State Supreme Court. He has trained attorneys at the Legal Aid Society, The […]

Pierre Bazile

Pierre Bazile is criminal defense attorney, serving the five boroughs of New York City, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties. Feel free to contact Mr. Bazile for cases occurring in other counties of New York State. He is also retired police officer, who brings a wealth of hands-on law enforcement experience, insight, and training into the courtroom […]

Ameer Benno

Ameer Benno, Esq. is a New York City litigator who is well recognized in the legal community for his experience, high quality legal work, and excellent results. He provides each client with individualized attention and compassion, and each matter with diligent preparation and meticulous attention to detail. Ameer Benno will aggressively fight to serve you […]