Marino’s Legal News: CA Bar Exam Results Show Improved Pass Rates for Black and Hispanic Exam Takers

Here’s some welcome news:      According to statistics recently released by the California State Bar Examiners, Black and Hispanic law school graduates saw significant improvements in pass rates!

35% of African American test-takers who sat for the exam for the first time in February 2021 passed, up from 17.6% from the previous year. And the percentage of Hispanic test-takers who passed rose from 25.2% to 45.4%.

Still, despite the improved pass rates for law graduates of color, a large disparity continues to exist between white test takers and applicants of color. About 69% of white test takers who sat for the exam for the first time passed.

Pass rates for first time test takers from California ABA-Accredited Law Schools were: White: 72.4%, Asian: 66.0%, Hispanic: 60.9%, and Black: 30.8%.

You can read more about this news here.

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