Pennsylvania Governor’s order for law firms to shut down challenged in court

A lawsuit has been filed, challenging the right of the executive to order law firms be temporarily shut down, pursuant to stopping the spread of corona virus. Lemoyne-based attorney William Costopoulos challenged Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s right to shutter law offices throughout the state.

Costopoulos argued in court papers that by ordering Pennsylvania’s law firms to close, Governor Wolf has effectively deprived citizens of their right to counsel.

In an interview, Costopoulos also said the executive branch does not have a right to meddle in the judicial.

“The Supreme Court regulates lawyers and the practice of law. The Constitution dictates the due process requirements. And the governor, though his intentions are well meaning in light of this pandemic, does not have the authority to usurp either the Supreme Court or the Constitution when it comes to the practice of law,” Costopoulos said. You can read about this lawsuit here.