If You Failed The Bar Exam And Need to Retake it This February, I Can Help You.

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I have been preparing students for the bar exam since 1975. My Marino Bar Course had a 94% pass rate on the July 2015 bar exam. The reason my students are successful is because I train them to pass the bar exam, not just teach them the law.

Pass rates around the country have been dropping. In particular, the New York pass rates at many local law schools are at the lowest point ever.

I invite law schools and retaker students to consult with me to discuss how to improve and pass the bar exam the next time around.

Here are some facts:

  • I have the only course designed specifically for students retaking the bar exam in New York and New Jersey. I also have special programs for the entire country designed to improve students’ MBE scores.
  • The New York Law Journal has called me the “go to guy” for students who need to pass the bar exam.
  • JFK. Jr. failed the New York Bar Exam twice with two other courses, but was then able to pass on his 3rd try with my Retaker program. I helped him raise his MBE score by 49 points.
  • For over 20 years, The New York Legal Aid Society has had me help prepare their attorneys that failed the bar exam, with amazing success.
  • I became a Professor at New York Law School when the bar passage rate was 57%. After I created and taught programs designed to raise that number, the bar passage rate increased to over 90% in 2008. In 2013, the last year I prepared NYLS students for the exam before I left the school, the pass rate was over 80%.
  • I have successfully worked with several law schools to prepare their students for the exam.
  • I donate my bar course materials to the CUNY Pro Bono Scholar Program and their bar prep program and congratulate CUNY faculty and students on raising its bar pass rate to 81% this July.

Law school administrators and students can contact me at info@marinolegal.com. If you are a student especially from New York or New Jersey taking the exam this February, send me your score report and I will be happy to review it and give you advice, without a fee.