New York Bar Exam Results Are Out!

The New York Bar Exam Results for the July 2015 bar exam were just released!

If you took the New York Bar Exam in July, you can now find out if passed. You should have received an email overnight with the verdict, but you can also find out if you were successful by going here and looking up your results.

If you passed, congratulations!

However, if you were unsuccessful on this exam, don’t give up! We can help you. We offer the only course designed specifically for those retaking the bar exam.

You can pass the bar exam – but not if you just study the same way you did the last time. Just doing the same thing will likely get you the same result. Like Einstein said, “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and expecting a different result.”

Before you begin even studying for the next exam, you need to know what went wrong and why.

Email us your score report and we will be happy to give you an entirely free evaluation. We will explain what your strengths and weaknesses were and what you need to do now to put yourself in a better position to pass on the next exam.

Just forward your score report to for your FREE evaluation. Or click here to learn more about Marino Bar Review’s Online Retaker Bar Review Course.