CLE Rules: New York Makes Changes to its CLE Requirements

New York State’s CLE Board has recently made several changes that lawyers admitted in the state should be know about their CLE rules. The following changes will take effect on January 1, 2016:

For newly admitted attorneys:

-The Law Practice Management and Areas of Professional Practice credit may now be completed in any approved format, including nonparticipatory formats such as on-demand audio or video, or live broadcast.

-Ethics and Professionalism credit may be completed in the traditional live classroom setting; by fully interactive video conference; or by simultaneous transmission with synchronous interactivity, such as web conference, or teleconference, where questions are allowed during the program.

-Despite these adjustments in CLE rules, there will be no change in the requirement for Skills credit, which must still be completed in the traditional live classroom setting or by fully interactive videoconference.

Also, newly admitted attorneys based in law offices outside of the United States may fulfill up to 16 credit hours in any approved format. The remaining credit hours must be completed in a format permissible for the category of credit.

You can read the full list of changes here –

If you are a newly admitted attorney, come join us to fulfill your mandatory requirements at one of our upcoming Bridge the Gap Lectures – check here for more details or to learn about your CLE rules.