33 Credit Florida + Other States (Participatory) CLE Compliance Bundle - 52976, 31887, 31885, 31890, 31891, 31884, 31896, 31892, 31883, 31897, 31898, 31899, 31903, 31886, 31894, 31889, 31902, 31880, 31888

Complete your entire Florida CLE requirement with just one click! Save money and time by signing up for our 33 credit Florida CLE online bundle! This bundle consists of 19 of our most popular CLE courses in a variety of practice areas. Simply purchase and view this online bundle and your entire Florida CLE requirement will be satisfied!

Purchase this bundle if you need certificates for Florida AND other states (NY, NJ, CA, etc.)

Date: Online

Credits: 33



Featured in this Florida CLE online bundle is a variety of subject areas all taught by well-respected attorneys in these fields. This package will satisfy your entire Florida CLE requirement and provide certificates for other states (NY, NJ, CA, etc.) as well.

Courses Included in this Bundle:

1) Arbitration: An Overview – 2.0 General

2) Visa Options for Foreign Investors, Start Ups and Entrepreneurs – 1.5 General

3) Unpacking Data Privacy – 1.0 General and 1.0 Technology

4) Eyewitness Misidentification: The Impact of Evidence in a Murder Trial – 1.5 General

5) Employment Discrimination and Sexual Harrassment: A Complete Overview – 1.0 General and 2.0 Elimination of Bias (Ethics)

6) Divorce in the Digital Age – 1.5 Technology

7) Business Entities: Structures, Characteristics, and Choosing the Right One for Your Client – 1.5 General

8) Video Game Law: Helping Hobbyists Turn to Professionals – 1.5 General

9) The Perfect Deposition – 2.0 General

10) The Perfect Closing: How to Effectively Give a Closing Argument – 2.0 General

11) Legal Issues in Hiring: The Do’s and Don’ts of the Hiring Process – 1.5 Elimination of Bias (Ethics)

12) Keeping It Short: An Introduction to Summary Jury Trials – 2.0 General

13) Jury Selection: Breakdown the Process – 2.0 General

14) Ethics and ADR – 1.5 Ethics

15) Environmental Law – 2.0 General

16) Cross Examination: Lessons From A Boxer Turned Trial Lawyer – 2.0  General

17) Basics of Wage and Hour Law – 2.0 General

18) Defining Fourth Amendment Protections in the Electronic Age – 1.0 General and 1.0 Technology

19) How To Conduct Yourself As An Ethical Legal Professional – 1.0 Professionalism

Florida: 34.5 Total Credits (25 General, 1.5 Ethics, 3.5 Elimination of Bias, 1.0 Professionalism, 3.5 Technology)

New York: 28.5 Professional Practice, 5.0 Ethics, 1.0 Diversity

New Jersey: 29.5 General, 5.0 Ethics

California: 21 General, 3.0 Elimination of Bias, 2.0 Ethics

  • This is an online bundle. Internet connection is required. However, our programs are designed to work on any device or operating system.
  • You will receive a certificate for each individual course upon completion of that course. There is no need to do all 33 credits in one session.
  • The courses do not have an expiration date. If we produce a newer version of one of the courses in the bundle, we will replace the course in the bundle with the updated lecture.
  •  Attorneys in Florida must report their attendance credits by logging into their Member Portal on the Florida Bar website and entering the course reference IDs they were provided upon completion of the programs.