30 Credit Illinois CLE Compliance Bundle - 43226, 43225, 43224, 43219, 42748, 43080, 43081, 43011, 43124, 43127, 43015, 43019, 43122, 43131, 43166, 43024, 43189, 43157, 43163, 43188, 43215

Complete your entire Illinois CLE requirement with just one click! Save money and time by signing up for our 30 credit Illinois CLE online bundle! This bundle consists of 21 of our most popular CLE courses in a variety of practice areas. Simply purchase and view this online bundle and your entire Illinois CLE requirement will be satisfied!

Date: Online

Credits: 30

$149 $75

$149 $75

Featured in this Illinois CLE online bundle is a variety of subject areas ranging from bankruptcy and employment law to alternative dispute resolution and intellectual property, all taught by well-respected attorneys in these fields. This package will satisfy your entire two year Illinois CLE requirement, including all specialty requirements (ethics, mental health and substance abuse, and diversity and inclusion), and also counts for New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, California, and other states!

Courses Included in this Bundle:

An Introduction to Hedge Funds, Commodity Pools, and Fund of Funds – 1.25 General

Arbitrating International Disputes – 1.5 General

Bankruptcy Basics – 1.5 General

Business Partnerships are Long-Term Relationships: Are You Ready For Yours? – 1.5 General

Defining Fourth Amendment Protections in the Electronic Age – 1.5 General

Employee Discipline & Documentation Mechanics – 1.25 General

Ethics and ADR – 1.25 Professional Responsibility

Ethics in Retainer Structuring and Counseling – 1.0 Professional Responsibility

European Union and Brexit – 2.0 General

Eyewitness Misidentification: The Impact of Evidence in a Murder Trial – 1.25 General

How To Prevent Problems With Your Clients – 1.5 Professional Responsibility

Identifying and Eliminating Gender Bias in the Legal Profession – 1.0 Diversity and Inclusion

Intellectual Property: What Every Lawyer Should Know – 1.5 General

International Sports Law – 2.0 General

Obtaining Compliance from a Contemptuous Litigant Under the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure – 1.25 General

Paying for Long Term Care: Medicare and Medicaid – 1.0 General

The Perfect Closing: How to Effectively Give a Closing Argument – 1.5 General

Personal Development Skills for Attorneys – 1.5 Mental Health/Substance Abuse

The Six Most Important Agreements in the Recording and Music Publishing Industries – 1.75 General

Thoughts on Surviving and Thriving in the Coming Decade – 1.5 General

Video Game Law: Helping Hobbyists Turn to Professionals – 1.5 General

Illinois: 30 Credits Total (includes Ethics, Mental Health/Substance Abuse, and Diversity credits)

New York: 37 Credits Total (includes 4.5 Ethics and 1.0 Diversity and Inclusion)

New Jersey: 37 Credits Total (includes 4.5 Ethics)

California: 30 Credits Total (includes 1.0 Elimination of Bias, 1.5 Competence Issues, 3.75 Ethics)

  • This is an online bundle. Internet connection is required. However, our programs are designed to work on any device or operating system.
  • You will receive a certificate for each individual course upon completion of that course. There is no need to do all 30 credits in one session.
  • The courses do not have an expiration date. If we produce a newer version of one of the courses in the bundle, we will replace the course in the bundle with the updated lecture