25 Credit California MCLE Compliance Bundle – 2022 - 58344, 58346, 58347, 58348, 58349, 58350, 58351, 58343, 44746, 39746, 58227, 40383, 57398, 39749, 44728, 58110, 42899,

Save money and time by signing up for our 25 credit California MCLE online bundle! This bundle consists of 17 of our most popular CLE courses in a variety of practice areas that any attorney will enjoy. Simply purchase and view this online bundle and your entire California MCLE requirement will be satisfied!

***If you purchase the CA 25 Credit Bundle and need BOTH California AND New York certificates, please indicate so in the Notes box at checkout!***

Date: Online

Credits: 25



Featured in this California CLE online bundle is a variety of subject areas ranging from Real Estate Closings to Business Immigration and Criminal Law to Estate Administration, all taught by well-respected attorneys in these fields. This package will satisfy your entire California MCLE requirement (contains 12.5 participatory credits and 12.5 self study credits)!

Courses Included in this Bundle:

Arbitrating International IP Disputes | Credits: 1.5 General

Bankruptcy Basics | Credits: 1.5 General

Basics of Business Immigration and Ethical Issues | Credits: 2.0 Ethics

Cutting Edge Federal Sentencing | Credits: 2.0 General

Ethics in Retainer Structuring | Credits: 1.0 Ethics

European Union and Brexit | Credits: 2.0 General

Family Immigration: Marriage and Asylum | Credits: 1.5 General

First Amendment Freedoms | Credits: 1.0 General

How To Conduct Yourself As An Ethical Legal Professional | Credits: 1.0 Ethics

Identifying and Eliminating Gender Bias in the Legal Profession | Credits: 1.0 Elimination of Bias

Insurance Coverage 101 | Credits:  1.5 General

Jury Selection: Breaking Down the Process | Credits: 1.5 General

Paying for Long Term Care: Medicare and Medicaid | Credits: 1.0 General

Preparing Clients for Deposition, Trial, and Mediation | Credits: 2.0 General

Service and Assistance Animals: A Primer on Animal Accommodation LawCredits: 1.5 General

Six Important Agreements in the Recording and Music Publishing Industries | Credits: 2.0 General

Substance Abuse Awareness | Credits: 1.0 Competence Issues



California MCLE Provider #16016


***If you purchase the CA 25 Credit Bundle and need BOTH California AND New York certificates, please indicate so in the Notes box at checkout!***

25.0 Total California MCLE Credits (19.0 General Credits + 4.0 Ethics + 1.0 Competence Issues + 1.0 Elimination of Bias)

  • This is an online bundle. Internet connection is required. However, our programs are designed to work on any device or operating system.
  • You will receive a certificate for each individual course upon completion of that course. There is no need to do all 25 credits in one session.
  • The courses do not have an expiration date. If we produce a newer version of one of the courses in the bundle, we will replace the course in the bundle with the updated lecture.
  • If there is another course in our catalog that you wish to listen to instead of one of the course included in the bundle, please contact our office. However, we do offer the ability to create your own bundle of CLE courses.
  • Our California MCLE Provider Number is 16016.
  • Contains 12.5 participatory credits and 12.5 self study credits.